Packing List

Baja Sea Kayaking Clothing and Equipment List

During February, March and April, daytime air temperatures in Loreto range from low 70s earlier in the season to the mid-80s later on with light afternoon breezes.  With the aridity the nights can drop to the 50’s on the earlier dates, thus requiring warm layers.  By mid-March on, there are often evenings where no layers are needed.  During mid-day, we  erect shade tarps but light cotton clothing also provides comfort and protection from the strong Baja sun.

Water temperatures range from 69 degrees early in our season to 77 degrees towards the end. We have light wetsuits available for extended snorkeling often needed for the earlier trip dates. Although we expect beautiful balmy weather, stormy winds occasionally intrude into the usually gracious Sea of Cortez.
Follow the list closely and you will be comfortable throughout the trip. Feel free to adapt  according to previous camping and kayaking experience.

SEA TREK provides:

All commissary, kayaking gear, fiberglass doubles and singles, Surftech Paddleboards,  lightweight Werner paddles, Extrasport pfd’s, Seal sprayskirts, enough dry bags (2 large/medium and 1 small) for all your clothing , a large net bag (for carrying dive gear, sleeping pad, bag etc.), 3 mil wetsuits, and a roomy two-person tent. We do have extra  snorkeling gear you are welcome to use or bring your own custom gear.  (Inflatable sleeping pads and sleeping bags can be rented for an extra charge ($20 per item per week.)

Packing Guidelines

Extra baggage, clothing, etc., that you don’t need during the Baja kayaking trip will be stored securely in our storage facility. Here’s an example of how things will be packed for the kayaking portion of the trip. The larger Sea Trek dry bags will hold clothes, journal, books–things that must stay dry. The bags will usually be loaded into your kayak. The smaller dry bag can be used as a deck bag while kayaking (holding sunscreen, camera, windbreaker etc.). Finally, the mesh bag is convenient for carrying your gear to your campsite and generally is loaded on our skiff minus the dry bags.

(Note: For the Stand Up Classic  or Yoga SUP trips pack as above but all your gear will be transported in our skiff.)



  • 4 t-shirts plus 1 thin polypro shirt for paddling
  • 1 long sleeve shirt- light cotton for sun protection
  • fleece sweater and puffy jacket (the desert gets chilly at night)
  • 1 wind-breaker
  • warm fleece hat or beanie
  • Sun hat with tie-down strap (for wind) secured via a barrel lock


  • 2 pairs shorts: one quick-drying nylon for paddling, cotton or nylon for hiking
  • 2 pair socks plus one lightweight pair for sandals for sun protection
  • 1 pair lightweight pants for daytime sun protection  (nylon windbreaker type pants work well)
  • 1 pair warm pants(pile pants work great) for nighttime warmth
  • Swimsuit
  • Underwear

Town Clothes

  • Casual clothes for 2 travel days and last evening in Loreto.


  • 1 pair for walking (e.g. running shoes or light hiking shoes)
  • 1 pair for kayaking (e.g. Teva-type sport sandals; neoprene booties or water shoes—sturdy enough to walk over some rocks)


  • 1 pair paddling gloves (biking gloves OK)
  • 1 one-quart plastic water bottles
  • 2 bandannas to clean sunglasses, etc.
  • Sunglasses with retention strap (e.g. Chums or Croakies)
  • Waterproof sun-screen (including lip screen)
  • Toiletries: toothbrush, etc.
  • Saltwater shampoo and soap (Camp Suds and Dr. Bronner work well)
  • 1 medium size towel
  • ditty bag to hold your personal toiletries and medications
  • flashlight, or head lamp + extra batteries
  • earplugs


  • snorkel, mask, fins


  • lightweight compact sleeping bag with stuff sack (Those who “sleep cold” should bring a bag rated to approximately 32° Fahrenheit.)
  • compact sleeping pad (self-inflating Therma-rest or ensolite foam)


  • camera (in waterproof box or bag and extra batteries)
  • binoculars
  • fishing gear (lightweight collapsible)
  • reading material
  • pen and paper for journal

Yoga Equipment (for Yoga trip)

  • yoga mat
  • mexican cotton blanket
  • strap
  • block
  • eye pillow
  • journal

Additional comments:
Ideally, on the water you are wearing quick drying clothes like a short or long sleeve lightweight polypro (wool or synthetic) shirt. At night it can get chilly so bring layers and don’t forget a windbreaker.

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